You ARE Worth the Money

Let’s have a lil chat about prices ....

Often I hear..."no one will pay me that much" my answer is often ..”why?” If YOU don’t think your worth the money than you probably are not and therefore no one else will think so either. But if YOU believe your product / service brings a different value and ease to life than what everyone else is offering, then what everyone else thinks is too much is IRRELEVANT ! There is, and will always be, someone who will be cheaper. Just like there is, and always be, someone who does it different. Never short change yourself because someone doesn’t “got it like that”. People will pay anything when they find value in something. So, if they are not willing to pay your prices, then BYE Felicia !!! So long as you are doing your part to bring value and ease to the life of others, set your prices and be firm! You ARE worth the money.

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